of asean school games 2010


Salam all.
its been a while tidak update kesayangan yg ini.
hurmm~~ paham2 jelah internet connection di IPTeknik t'syg.
ok now weeknd di rumah.heaven kowt! :D
jommm2!! layannnn picca time Asean School Games (ASG) br2 nie.
a new experience being a liaison officer (LO) ouhh.
yeahhhh~~ for swimming event at Stadium Akuatik Shah Alam :)
tp x bawa b'same enchek oly kesygn abah.
so,end up dgn terkilan yg amat x dpt sho0t aksi2 asean swimmers.
they were all young with a big potential i guess :)

nway,below are the piccas taken by cousin nyer cik yuyu b'same cik canon beliau.
credit to him.adeiiiii~~ soriiii forget his name ^_^
it was the last day being with the asean athlete l girls and boys
dat-s0-called an official visit around ptrjya.
hahhaa! bwk mreka jenjln alamanda but then kitorg yg excited b'gmbar.agaga~
camera-freaks! no wonder~~ ^_^

regards l xoxo

. farah .