a new story begins


Salam everyone..
welcome to faatography l blog !

ermm..a new blog with a thousand spirits kowt! ;)
smoga sy update slalu jugeee~ hikhik!
alhamdulillah!!~ t'capai gak hasrat hati utk punya 1 blog yg bleh display pic besa2
cam gitu..cik farah lovess photo sesgtt ok! hehs! =))
permulaan yg baik barangkali utk 1431H. yess! a new hijrah yer cik farah!
basicly blog bru nie akan dipenuhi dgn ceritera kehidupan seorang faa which
most describe by a big number of photos plus all my photoworks
collection insyaALLAH.

pictures . worth . a . thousand . words

and btw, faa stands for farah ainaa ad'nan.
credit to my one n only bro, izzat for the idea of combining
faa & photography = faatography
i just simply loves that! :))

picture above captured time sunset area kol 6pm cam gitu..
location : raub, pahang
kebiruan yg sgtt original lg okayy~
hurmm..the blue colours describe a peace emotion in me.
( sape x sukeee holidayy kowt! ) hee! =))
wish for a bless and more happier days coming onwards.
lipatan kenangan 2009 tinggal beberapa hari jerk lagi.
welcome 2010!

regards l xoxo

. farah .