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Salam everyone!
ahhaa~ its been a while tidak menulis d cni. internet di mktb agak sengal.
so, mo0d nk m'update pn ke laut. ermm..lets start with da entry ke PJ baru2 ini.
join cik nuyu ke blooming course di MARY KAY.
its free! so,layannnn~ hehs! :)) bersama nuyu, mira and idah.yess! dlm amcorp mall rupenyer MARY KAY itu. byk input bru kitorg dpt.
dgn basic facial session nyer..free make-over lagiiii~ hahhaa!
very da woman laa ari tue kami kowt! ;)
and wat is more important..sgtt enjoyy itu hari! seriouslyy! :))
everything goes so0 fine and smoothly..bajet cam sesat coz x pernah smpai PJ! hahhaa! ;)
one more thing, sempat buat self-potrait di msjid jamek on da way back to cherass! ngee~
fun fun fun !!! thanxx 4 da wonderful day girlfriends!!!

meets a tce wanna be l cekgu mira

meets a tce wanna be l cekgu idah

. girlfriends .

diz is to0 real babe! hahhaa! ;)

meets a tce wanna be l cekgu nuyu

dlm clas l after makeover ;)

pasport picca sket ;)

our portrait :))

regards l xoxo

. farah .


ketuakelas said...

salam faa...
sumer pictures nie snap pakai PnS kan?if so, my only comment goes for the low IQ...
dan seperti biasa compo dh best dh...
kipidup faa...and best friends ROXX!!!