Majlis Akikah Mia Az-Zahra l 18/9/11


Assalamualaikum w.b.t~
May ALLAH bless always people =)
Diz time wanna update about Majlis Akikah Baby Mia Az-Zahra which held on 18 September 2011 at Sg.Buloh. A big thanks to Kak Sarah + Abg Amrul wh0se given this beautiful opportunity plus sudi b'kongsi moment2 indah event nie dgn cikgu =) an OP that was a blessful event alhamdulillah~ everythng went well even this is my very very first time sho0t majlis akikah.nervous jugakx!! ^^ but still. syukurrrr ya ALLAH :') Credit also goes to my lovely friend Miss Athirah Harun yg introduce saya kt mummy & daddy baby mia kte nie.tQ yunk!!!!!! worth experience seriously =) layanan fr0m the whole family jugakx sgt superb!!! alhamdulillah :')

*picca sgt byk ouhh.lets pick up the rand0m one yah!
the next entry will be the album (story bo0k) of the event insyaALLAH =)
u guys stay tune~~ heheh ^___^

si hands0me atiff *melts* hihiiii ;)

regards l xoxo 

. farah .


Fatin Syahira said...

nice pictures dear!
boleh tanya tak? guna camera apa eh? kalau boleh share sikit about tips to shoot pics lawa-lawa.

p/s : baru belajar hehe =)